Client Results

“I engaged Brad Clark/Action Coach in December 2017 and have found that he is an exceptional mentor and coach. His expertise has been a huge benefit to my business, as well as, to me personally. In addition to my coaching, Brad has also made a great impact on my office staff, helping them develop goals and make progress towards those goals. I am grateful for the business planning and organizational development process that Brad has taught me and thus, I have brought to my company. I would highly recommend Brad to anyone looking to engage ActionCoach."
Chris Steele, Owner - Acorn Tree
Small Business Owner
Brad with Action Coach has been an amazing resource for our business. We started working with him in October of 2017. We were flat broke and about to lock the doors permanently. He was able to quickly implement multiple strategies to get us back on track. We just closed out Q1 2018 and turned a net profit for the first time in years. Thank you Brad Clark and Action Coach. It has proven to be the best investment we have ever made
Chris Smith, Owner - PolySeal Coatings
Small Business Owner
Upon starting my business, I knew I didn’t know everything. However, I was confident that over time I would learn, adjust adapt and overcome. But as the business grew, so did the demands on my time and then the wake-up call that there are only 24 hrs in a day. Shortly after meeting Brad he asked me a few questions that hit home regarding my business, my life and how the two were working together to meet my goals and expectations. The reality was that my goals weren’t all being met and my expectations were causing stress. After deciding to work with Brad, I’ve been better able to take control of my time and move the business in the direction that will best help me meet those goals and expectations. He has become a valuable member of my team and I encourage you to start a conversation with him.
Darren Shue, Owner - SaniTech Services
Small Business Owner
"I met Brad at a networking event and was immediately impressed with the depth of his knowledge and the specific questions he asked. I am constantly amazed at the outstanding value Brad and his coaching adds to not only my business, but my personal life as well. It is extremely helpful to have somebody who is not involved in the day to day grind of running our business provide input and recommendations. He is honest with me even on things I don’t necessarily want to hear and doesn’t sugar coat his tough love. He understands our company goals and is actively helping us achieve those. The icing on the cake is he also coaches a couple of my friends that are business owners that I highly respect. If you are a small business owner, you owe it to yourself and your company to consult with Brad and get a serious strategic partnership established"
Michael Smith, Owner - Lone Star State Mitigation
Small Business Owner


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